About Us

A native of Santa Monica, Cheri Barner spent her childhood performing professionally in theaters around the city, working with such noted figures as Joe Pasternak and Lee Scott, among others. Heading to UCLA, She discovered a passion for independent film and social action.

Cheri went on with partners Eugene Hernandez and Mark Rabinowitz to found iLine and its current incarnation, indieWire. After years spent traveling to film festivals, writing and developing web content, Cheri left to explore career options that would allow her to work more closely with creative talent.
Cheri has worked as a talent manager for 15 years, finding immense satisfaction in facilitating and nurturing the careers of independent-minded actors. Bringing together her early interests, Cheri Barner Management was founded to better aid actors in both their creative endeavors and the integration of their profession with social causes and life goals.

CBM is dedicated to supporting actors in the entertainment industry in a caring and ethical manner while also fostering each artist’s higher purpose.